Buffington Homes, LogoMeet the Owners Dan, Cathy and Trevor Buffington

Dan Buffington

Dan, Surgeon to Residential Builder

The road to building high-end residential homes does not typically begin in a doctor's office, unless you are Dan. Ironically, that was precisely the route he took on his way to a construction career in South Carolina. For the first twenty years of his professional life, Dan followed his family tradition and practiced medicine. As he explained, "medicine is simply what my family does; my dad first, then I followed, and finally, my two brothers."

In 1985, while still practicing medicine, Dan's construction apprenticeship began in California, when a custom home developer offered him a partnership to develop a 200-acre tract with significant environmental challenges within Dan's own neighborhood.

The project spanned 11 years and eventually supported 135 custom homes. In an unrelated turn of events, the Buffington's decided to relocate to Kiawah Island, South Carolina, to give their soon-to-be teenage children an environment where family values are a top priority. 

Today, they feel so fortunate to have their families' second generation in the business. Trevor, their oldest child, has partnered with his parents.


Cathy Buffington, Selections Coordinator

The corporate world is where Cathy spent many years in her initial career.  As a successful executive in the computer industry, she led teams devoted to large communications projects. When she and Dan relocated to Kiawah, the opportunity to create a family business became real and something she wanted more than any other business endeavor. 

In 1997, she assumed the role of the companies’ “Selections Coordinator”.  Ironically, it was a functional switch but one that actually employs the same disciplines she honed for her entire career.  Her role is to bridge communications between you, your designer, trade resources and the construction team.

By doing this, she achieves her goal to provide a homebuilding experience that is fun and stress free.  Her dream for her homeowners is to create an environment that reflects this quote:

"May your walls know joy;  may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility."
Author: Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey 

Cathy Buffington


TrevorTrevor Buffington, Project Manager

Trevor grew up on Kiawah working in the  families’ construction business during breaks and summer vacations.  He learned trade skills and the value of hard physical labor.  After graduating from UNCW with a major in Business Management, he went to Arizona State to study Landscape Architecture.  It was there that he discovered his real passion is construction. 

That decision, made in 2008, led him to join the family business as its next generation owner.  His first responsibility was to work for the companies’ senior construction manager. He learned to combine his architectural and construction expertise, project management, and negotiation skills.  His passion and natural ability is to help clients achieve great results.  Over the years he started the companies’ service division with some unique offerings for Buffington clients. After that operation was fully developed, Trevor went back to manage the construction of some of the companies most detailed homes which is his position today.

Trevor’s background in construction has spanned nineteen years.  That, combined with an orientation to architecture, is an asset to his clients. 

When you ask Trevor what he considers his biggest accomplishment in the families’ construction business.  He’ll say it’s, “The trust and confidence of my clients is my greatest achievement in our business.”