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Cathy Buffington - Selections Coordinator

Prior to the start of construction, there are many selections that the new homeowner will need to make, some in conjunction with the architect, and many with the interior designer. Most of our homeowners do elect to hire an interior designer. The designers responsible for the selection drawings above are Corbie Phillips e. Corbie@CorbiePhillipsDesignStudio.com and Louise Gomm e. Lou@GommStudio.com

These selections include such items as paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, etc.

As your Selections Coordinator, Cathy will work in concert with you and your design team as you “shop” at the various showrooms choosing the many items needed to complete/personalize your brand new home.  Though not an interior designer, Cathy will accompany you to the showrooms, helping to insure that the selections are made in your timeframe and they match your predetermined budget. 

After your selections are made, she will organize the various elements on our web portal, as well as, in a binder so that all of your many selections are communicated to your design  and construction team.  Her chief goal is to help our clients enjoy their homebuilding experience in a fun and stress free manner. 

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